Here are a few things that our customers -- those without four paws -- have told us about the job we're doing...


Remy and Aurora love to go to Morgan's Paws to swim and to board. Can't say anything but good things about the staff and the facility.  will continue to support you and your wonderful business.

Patricia Krout

Love , love , love Morgan's Paws!! It's Tinky's home away from home. The staff has always been great to me and I know my pup is well taken care of.

Kate Condemi DePasquale

Nothing but great experiences with Morgan's Paws and my elderly lab Bailey. Won't go anywhere else at the age she is.

Brian Noll

I have always had great experiences at Morgan's Paws and so has Remi. He only trusts Bethany for grooming and has a wonderful time when he boards.

Sharon Barefoot Hont

We have been taking our dog Buddy to daycare at Morgan's Paws for quite a while and now we take our newest edition Summer also and she is an older dog. We cannot be more pleased with the care our dogs receive and the kindness of the staff. We go every Saturday and the dogs get soooo excited to go they can hardly contain themselves. We greatly appreciate you guys and all the hard work that you do, Thanks again,

The Dennis Clan

I just want to say that Amanda is awesome at customer service as well as the other employees. Amanda has done everything in her power to accommodate us. Even if it means putting Dico on a waiting list and hearing last minute that y'all can take him. She goes above and beyond. And does it with a smile. And there have been many times that Dico couldn't get in daycare and that's fine. We understand. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for keeping our pets safe!    

Heather Cross on Facebook

Amanda, Abby and Bethany all rock...plain and simple.....Toby loves all of 'his girls!'  

Kim Testa Alvarez on Facebook

Everyone there has been wonderful and Barney loves you all! The customer service is A+. Far above most businesses these days.

Donna Weller Balsley on Facebook

Maya says the only thing standing between Morgan's Paws and perfection is that not everyone has a beard. Other than that, it's perfect. Could you work on that? ;)

Kelly Jean McEntee on Facebook

Cricket and Tideus have been coming to Doggie Daycare and boarding for over a year now and I highly recommend you to EVERYONE I know.

Teresa Newcomer May on Facebook

I have been a loyal customer to Morgan's Paws and have never encountered poor customer service. They are always professional, helpful, and most importantly caring of my dog. They are the only ones I trust to care for him while I am at work and away on vacations. They always bend over backwards to make their customers happy.

Jacki Schap on Facebook

My Labrador had been attending daycare since they opened! Everyone over the years has been truly amazing.  It is obvious they have a great love of animals and it shows! Recently my dog, Fairbanks, was diagnosed with bone cancer and can no longer attend daycare due to the concern of a potential leg fracture. Everyone at Morgan's Paws have been soooo supportive of Fairbanks fight against this terrible disease! I greatly appreciate all of their love and support for my yellow girl!

Renee Lauthers

Heyya ladies! I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for both Zoe and Kaji.  Zoe was a different dog once she got appropriate exercise.  She always had us in stitches and is greatly missed still.   Kaji, being part Chow, needs to be socialized and he gets that through and through at Morgan's Paws.  He and I can walk down the street, and pass another dog without causing a scene.  The other dogs bark and pull at his/her owner while Kaji just looks on with interest, wags his tail, and moves on by if I ask him to.  I truly believe that is due to his socialization with the gang at M.P.   He loves daycare and we love the energy release he gets too!   Thank you!

Amy Crawford, Kaji's "mom"

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to thank you for taking such wonderful care of Dexter the past week (and a few days).  He told us that he had so much playing with his doggie friends and all of you too.   It was so nice to know that he was left in such good hands.  You are all great! 
Mari-Lynn Gornik

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
Boomer can hardly wait to get here. ( Morgan’s Paws)  He knows when we are close to arriving and gets so excited in the car.  We were always hesitant about boarding him but here at Morgan’s Paws I feel comfortable leaving him.  Boomer’s never been a “crated” dog so I appreciate the freedom he experiences at Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare. 
Deb, Rich & Boomer Davis

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
I love doggie daycare!  Cooper can’t wait to get there he bounces off the walls when we tell him he is going to daycare!  Cooper doesn’t get to really play & socialize with other doggies at home but he does at daycare and he loves it!  I love being able to take him somewhere so that he has a day out of his crate.  I love that he gets socialization with other doggies in a supervised setting! 
Stacie, Ken & Cooper Shurock

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
The staff is always so friendly & always takes time to talk.  The boarding suites are so nice, so much better than taking your dog to a kennel.  Thank you for always taking such good care of Potter.  He is always so excited to get in the door when he comes for daycare/boarding.  I know he loves being there and is getting a lot of attention. 
Megan, Jason & Potter Bortner

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
The staff is wonderful and they take great care of Ally.  Thank you for everything you do!!! 
Alicia & Ally Zeigler

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
I always feel very confident when I drop Cruiser off for a “playday”.  I know that he will receive exceptional care and a “time-out” if he needs it.  I commend the entire staff for their kindness to me and their affection to my dog.  A big thank you for letting Cruz stay even when he was on his rice-diet for eating junk and then getting sick. 
Marlena & Cruiser Lehr

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
Warrior loves going to doggie daycare to play and socialize with the other dogs.  I love the friendliness of the staff & the care and attention to Warrior. 
Daniel & Warrior Elby

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
My dog has come to Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare since he was a young guy and he is so well adjusted around other dogs because of the socialization he gets at daycare.  I think daycare has really helped him because he is an only dog.  Not to mention I work full time and he is home alone all day.  Micah is good and tired on daycare days and they are my off when I take him home.  For an active pup, it’s a God Send!! 
Barb & Micah Markel

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
Daycare has been the best thing possible for Fairbanks and I.  My work schedule is crazy and it allows Fairbanks to get her exercise and socialize with other dogs versus being cooped up inside all day long alone.  Thank you all very much for the excellent care you provide her and the other dogs she’s come to know as her playmates!  It is very much appreciated! 
Renee & Fairbanks Morin

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
As long as Bella is happy, I am happy!  You guys are great! Thanks for taking care of my baby! 
Liz & Bella Stotsky

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
We love Morgan’s Paws.  Oliver is so excited to “go to school” and he is so content in the evenings afterwards.  It is also great to have a well socialized dog who knows how to play will with small, large, old and young dogs.  Thank you for having such a well run daycare.   
Kara & Oliver Hohn

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
I love Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare and tell everyone I know!  I love the loving care Andy gets and the freedom to go in or out when he wants. 
Sandy, Paul & Andy Cercel

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
Every person and every detail of Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare says ‘We love your dog!”  Thank you for giving my Bella a safe and fun-filled “day with the puppies”. 
Lisa & Bella Wolfe

Dear Morgan’s Paws Doggie Daycare,
The friendliness of the staff is great and we love how happy our little ones are each time they arrive at daycare.  We also appreciate our dogs being able to socialize with other dogs and people and being allowed to act like dogs! 
Ann, Donnie, Andy & Lee Ilgenfritz

Dear Morgan's Paws Doggie Daycare,
My Yorkie, Buster, had an appointment with you yesterday for grooming.  WOW! I've had Yorkies for over 30 years and no one ever did a grooming like Bethany.  He is adorable and thank you so much!

Barbara Delp


Hope you are doing well.  I started coming back to Morgan's Paws with the newest addition to the family "Ella".  She loves her time there  and comes home exhausted!  Miles (cutie petutie), my husband and I are all thankful for that!!!   I just had to send a note saying how impressive your staff is at Morgan's Paws.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is in the morning to drop Ella off and be greeted by staff that truly are happy!  You've done a great job!!!!  A lot of times we don't hear about service until it is bad so I wanted to share with you a good story!

Maureen Shive