Hello, my name is Leticia Giese.

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Hi, my name is Leticia Giese and I am the owner of Morgan’s Paws Pet Care Center.

In July of 1997, I adopted Mrs. Captain Morgan Elaine, a beautiful german shepherd. I hated the idea of leaving her alone as I went off to work, so I began to research alternative options. I had heard about doggie daycares and had long had the dream of owning my own. Ten years ago that dream became a reality and Morgan’s Paws was established and was the first cage-free doggie daycare in the York area.

Throughout my ten year journey with Morgan’s Paws, I became certified numerous times in Pet First Aid, animal behaviour and training expos. I am a past member of the North American Dog Daycare Association, the Pet Industries Retailer Association, and am also certified in the ABKA Pet Care Technician Program. I am also a past President of the Atkins House Board of Directors, and a member of the York County SPCA.

With the availability of an excellent staff, we offer a wide range of services with a high degree of expertise in many areas. Morgan’s Paws was founded on the belief that personal service and attention to your furry companions are the most important factors. We are proud of our history, while attuned to the needs of the families that we are privileged to serve.

This ten year journey has also brought on new members to my family: Sierra {aka stubby} a Rottweiler mix; Diesel a german shepherd; Tommy a german shepherd; and many crazy cats. I lost Morgan in 2007 and Diesel in 2012. However their love, legacy and the love that I have for my other kids and yours will live on through Morgan’s Paws.

Hello my name is Karla Johnson

karla-2013I  have been with Morgan's Paws since May of 2004 and I am the general manager. Pictured in this photo with me are 2 of my 5 kids. Raven is the pit bull (I recently lost her in November to Cancer) & Gia is the chihuahua. I also have a daughter (Ky-lin)  & 2 cats (Money & Philly).  I have a degree in business and I have been certified in pet first aid many times. I have also been to numerous boarding & pet expos and I'm certified through the ABKA as a certified Pet Care Technician.